Founded in 1937, the Perryway Players have been entertaining the community of Frampton on Severn for over 80 years!


Perryway Players were formed on 16th November 1937 by the amalgamation of several smaller amateur dramatic groups and initially called themselves Frampton and District Amateur Dramatic Society. After a couple of meetings it was decided that the name was too cumbersome and a shorter name would be more appropriate.

After several suggestions including the Severn Bores, it was decided the name should be Perryway Players. The first production was performed in February 1938 – Toby Jug, After The Event/Moment Musical & Poison Party.  There were further productions each year until 1941 when meetings stopped because of the war.

From records it appears that the group reformed in 1946 but there are no mention of productions again until 1951. The first full length play to be performed was Young Mrs. Barrington in 1954, thereafter two productions of plays each year until 1975 when the annual pantomime was introduced. Since then there has usually been two dramatic productions, one in Spring and the other in Autumn and the pantomime in January.

It’s a fun group, with varied activities, ranging from improvisation sessions, games, workshops, rehearsals and summer shows out and about at local venues.

In 2018, Perryway Players were awarded the Best Achievement award for NODA SW District 15 for Once Upon a Pantomime. This was in recognition for the last 3 years of productions.

Its hard work, but really good fun with everyone in the team working together.  We all get such a buzz when performing, just ask any one of the youngsters.

So if you fancy coming along on a Tuesday evening, please do, we are always happy to welcome newcomers.


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