“And that’s a wrap!”

We would like to thank everyone involved and all our wonderful sold-out audiences who came to see Beauty and the Beast – The Pantomime!

Written by Bradford and Webster and in arrangement with NODA, our 2018 pantomime saw the production team of Rhys Maule as Producer, Craig Hunt debuted as Director and fresh to the group was Nathan French as Choreographer. The team had worked together before on projects outside of the group and Beauty and the Beast saw the team debut on stage with this production.



Incredibly, the show was sold out for all 5 performances a week before it went live! 

It was a dramatic pantomime full of colourful characters, Belle lived in the village of Petit Pois with her mean older sisters, Chardonnay and Lambrini.

Their impoverished mother, Madame Dolores Lilly Chantilly Tres Jolie (or Dolly Jolly), was keen to marry them off to rich husbands. The vain and egotistical Jean-Claude and the spoiled but good-natured Prince Louis both had their eye on Belle.

Chardonnay and Lambrini wanted Jean-Claude for themselves and continually tried to outdo each other, to get him to notice them.

Meanwhile, the evil Countess Cruella was obsessed with Prince Louis and, in a jealous rage, turned him into a hideous beast. The girls’ Papa, lost in the mountains, was imprisoned by the angry Beast. Papa’s horse, Gigi, then lead Belle to the Beast’s castle, where Belle offers to take her father’s place in the Beast’s dungeon.

Belle’s kindness calmed the Beast’s anger and he falls in love with her…… the rest was history…

From all the cast and production crew, we thank you for making this our most successful selling panto to date and one of the most amazing productions to be apart of!

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